Executive Leadership

Experienced Effective Leadership

Validate your exceptional leadership today!

Seasonal Pathways is announcing the Executive ECE Leadership Certificate.

The program is designed to challenge experienced EC Leaders to validate their skills, acquire new thoughts and practices for highly-effective leadership, and to enhance their leadership to meet higher executive-level standards.

The Pathways Executive ECE Leadership Certificate provides an educational process which includes the reading of specific leadership books and articles, watching videos and participation in discussion groups addressing the issues and ideas presented, completing online course assignments, and meeting with a mentor.

A certificate of achievement is issued upon completion of the program with an overview of the course suitable to share with employers and potential employers which validates the candidate's success in demonstrating high-level leadership skills and knowledge in the field of ECE and among their peers.

Tuition: $995.00* 

*Members of the Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL) and the Association of Christian Early Educators (ACEE) receive additional tuition discounts.