Training Opportunities

Seasonal Pathways is looking to showcase exceptional programs.  Let us know if you want your program to be seen as a national example of excellence!  Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about out "Showcase" feature. 

5 C's of ECE Leadership

This video provides an overview of the 5 C's of ECE Leadership. If desired, additional paid courses/classes are available covering each concept in greater detail. The full course includes all five classes, or each class maybe attended separately.


National ECE Director Credential: Overview

The purpose of this program is to enhance the leadership skills of center-based directors and those interested in effective ECE program administration. It has been developed according to national standards in order to achieve state licensing approval. We strongly believe the Pathways National ECE Director's Credential meets and/or exceeds the requirements of many state standards for equivalent credentials.


ECE Leadership Vodcast

COMMING SOON: Robin invites seasonal leaders to explore topics that are important for leadership development and effectiveness among experienced ECE Leaders and the emerging leaders among their staff members.