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The call for greater leadership in the field of Early Care and Education has been espoused for more than 25 years...How successful are the leaders of today's programs? Just how far have we raised the bar, and just how much further do we need to go?

Robin Stephenson

2/20/20233 min read

The call for greater leadership in the field of Early Care and Education has been espoused for more than 25 years. That's how long many of the staff and colleagues involved with the programs developed through Seasonal Pathways have work within the field. Some of us have stayed in the struggle, others have left and tackled other fields, and yet none of us have lost our desire for children to have amazing high-quality places to be cared for, nurtured in love and kindness, and provided a great start into their educational future. Our goal so many years ago was to partner with the parent, earn their respect and trust, and provide affordable care for their children whenever they couldn't be with them. This is the LEGACY we wanted to leave. How successful are the leaders of today's programs? Just how far have we raised the bar, and just how much further do we need to go?

An interesting thing happened in 2022...
The staff of Seasonal Pathways was approached by two separate early education associations and asked to create a national Director Credential that emphasized the principles and practices of strong leadership. As explained to us, many of the current programs available to the ECE community require a strong knowledge in the criteria of age and developmentally appropriate programs for young children, however they spend very little time on the actual skills required for influencing, leading, coaching, and evaluating the staff who actually preform the duties that impact the children and their families. There seems to be a change in leadership values, chasing the dollar, becoming a "bad ass boss", rather than providing excellent leadership that leads to respect, impacts the lives of others, and brings prosperity to all stakeholders; the things LEGACY is all about. After much research, review of ECE Director manuals on the market, examination of multi-state criteria, and other resources, the Pathways National Early Childhood Director Credential was developed and ready to test.

The BETA program for this new credential began September 15, 2022 and concluded December 31, 2022. Adjustments were made along the way and the new updated version of the program is now ready to launch. [Learn more...]

What was incredibly interesting about the whole experience was the comradery amongst the different generations involved in the creation of the credential. We've heard so much rhetoric about how different generations refused to work together, had little respect for each other, and everyone wanted to be in control. That was not our experience. Is it because early educators are different? Do we have more in common than different? Can we work past our difference to come to conclusions that provide the best results rather that personal agendas? I'm ecstatic to say that was our experience. Everyone involved was looking for one thing . . . great leadership. They want to be the best they can be for their staff, the children, and the parents. Now, you get to be the recipient of a years' worth of great work and research.

What will 2023 bring?

We have a lot to share with you. The research we collected will be presented through blogs and videos. We'll bring you industry updates, leadership tips and skill development, and views from all areas of leadership in the field from emerging leaders to legacy leaders as well as other professionals in the field.

Look for regular posts to our blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Be a Seasonal Pathways fan and help us get the word out by sharing our posts!

Two new programs are also in the works. The Pathways Program Leader Certificate and the Pathways ECE Executive Leader Certificate will be available during the first two quarters of 2023. [Learn more...]

Our first meet-up will take place at the AELL Conference in June. Look for our booth if you will be in attendance and stop by to say Hi!

What can we do for you?
Calling all Legacy Influencers...this is a collaborative community. We are building services and growing our resources for the next generation of Legacy Leaders. So let us know what you want and what you need, how you want to be involved ... our goal is to support your rise as the most AMAZING ECE LEGACY LEADER you can be!

Robin Stephenson, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO Seasonal Pathways

Robin’s professional experience includes serving as a teacher and administrator; executive program leader; vice president; college instructor; entrepreneur and business owner. Her training and support of staff and specifically, women in leadership reaches throughout the United States, Canada, England, Romania, Hungry, The Philippines, Hong Kong, South America, and South Africa. Over the past 30 years, Robin has served on the board of directors for three national educational organizations, including the Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL). Her career leadership has contributed towards making a difference in the care and education of young children, and in the lives of those who serve them.​​ "It's not about being a "badass boss", it's all about leaving a legacy through meaningful and effective leadership." Robin Stephenson