Video Presentation
Personalize Your Learning
DISC with a TWIST book

A video presentation accompanies each of the eight modules in the course and provides additional anecdotes and examples of the information shared in the book.

The DISC with a Twist book is a comprehensive resource that encompasses all the content covered in the course. It serves as an excellent companion to the videos, providing in-depth information, examples, and additional material to enhance your learning experience.

Each module includes a worksheet to guide you through your personality style, interactions with others, and how to build better interpersonal relationships and communication strategies.

"Cheat Sheets"
Certificate of Completion
Additional Resources

Several cheat sheet resources are provided for download to have at your fingertips as handy reference guides.

Resources are provided to help understand various personality and communication styles, supporting a successful learning journey.

Students who complete all video presentations and answer the course quiz will receive a certification of completion for 3 Clock Hours of ECE Leadership training.

Brainstorm what a session for your team would look like!



"We hosted Robin for DISC with a twist at our annual staff training for our team of about 80+ and it was an amazing success! Our team laughed and learned so much (a combo that is not an easy feat). From self-reflection, team building and really being able to genuinely evaluate who you are as a communicator/team member our staff benefited immensely from it. So much so in fact we invited her back this year to do a part 2 more in-depth training because our staff loved it so much. This is one of those trainings that newbies and seasoned pros can benefit from! I highly recommend it for the entire center/team! ".

Katie Y.
Executive Director


"DISC with a Twist was one of the BEST team building experiences, our CCSA team has had in years! Robin Stephenson is an informative and engaging presenter. Everyone enjoyed the fun-filled learning experience. It was a such a meaningful way to learn our individual and team strengths along with areas of opportunities. It was so fun getting to know each other in a meaningful way. Robin helped us discover our strengths and weakness. We have learned how to communicate with each other more effectivity and more compassionately. The informative hand-outs Ms. Stephenson shared will be helpful in the future as a reference and to train new employees. We will be able to understand where new faculty members will fit in our team and be a success. Our teachers are still excited and talking about what they learned. I highly recommend this training! "

Janie R.
Executive Director